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A Must Read Investment Advice

Some time ago, I met and discussed with a friend who is a senior investor. Yep, I tell you, the best thing of having a blog like this is that we could meet those who are senior investors, so we can learn a lot from them. And I think, the opportunity to learn is the most valuable investment, rather than stock investing itself.

Well, here is a story shared by a friend of mine.

There are two things which the people are always after them, whoever he is and wherever he lived.

The first is money, the second is time.

Because of that, then there are four groups of people.

The first group are those who have both, ie they have the money, and also have the time. For example, a retired rich entrepreneur, or a businessman that its business has been able to run by itself without the need to be supervised. This is the group that, if seen by the three other groups, the most fortunate. Of course they are lucky, as they barely can buy or do anything, and at any time.

The second group, are those who have money, but do not have the time. For example, the top executives in large corporations.

The third group is the opposite , ie those who have the time, but do not have the money. For example, the unemployments, or the retired employees.

And finally, the fourth group, perhaps is the most poor group, because they do not have both money and time. An example might be a low-paying manual labor.

Most of the men (and women) were in the second and third groups, and they always wanted to be able to get into the first group.

But do you know, that there is a thing that is belonged to the second, third, or even the fourth, but it was not owned by the first group, although the first group seemed to already have everything?

This ‘thing is a dream, hopes, aspirations.

When a person already has the money and time, when someone already has it all, when a man has obtained all that he wanted, then it means that the story of his life is over, because there is nothing to be pursued, and there is no more goal to be achieved.

And can you imagine how boring a life could be? That was it!

Therefore, you are lucky if you only have one of these: money or time, or even if you do not have both.

But your ‘luck’ will be in vain if you do not have a dream, if you do not have goals to achieve.

Because in the end, the one that makes a person's life becoming live and full of color is when he is in the process to achieve something, not when it has been achieved.

Then I cut, 'But sir, what is the relationship of your story with our investment in the stock market? And he said, 'Do you know why Warren Buffett can be very successful as he is now? Because he liked the process. Because he liked seeing his investment portfolio continues to grow, and grow, without any intention at all that if it gains some money, then the money will be used for buy big houses or luxury cars. In doing his investment, Buffett was not after profit or money. The only thing he liked is the process of money-making itself. And as result, he is actually one of the richest men in the world.'

'And more importantly, because he is always in the process, not the result, then Buffett is alway have a good reason to keep living and working well (in growing his investments), and that's why he lived long until more than 80 years old, but still hale and hearty.'

Then he asked, 'Well, son, what is your goals? And how you will pursue it?'

Well, anyone can help? If you’re asked the above question, then what would your answer?

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