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TiPhone Mobile Indonesia, and Erajaya

About a year ago, in August 2012, I began to analyze the stocks in sectors that were not so popular: Sector of retail for mobile phone products and accessories, and vouchers (for phone credit). From several stocks in this sector, such as Trikomsel Oke (TRIO), Erajaya Swasembada (ERAA), TiPhone Mobile (TELE), Skybee (SKYB), and Global Teleshop (GLOB), it was ERAA that selected. And ERAA indeed made considerable gain, whose the price of shares continue to rise from 2,200, until reaching 3,500 as its peak in last May. You can read the full article here.

How to Find a Super-Company: From Its Products

Four years ago, when I read the company's financial statements for the first time, I assumed that the performance of property companies will be much better than companies in other sectors. Because a property company selling the houses, offices, apartments etc. that the prices are high, even reaching billions of Rupiah (about US$ 100K) per unit, so that the company’s revenue was definitely big. While for companies such as Indofood, for example, how much the profit from selling Indomie at a price of Rp1,000 per pack? (in the year 2009, the price of Indomie was still around Rp1,000 per pack, or about US$ 0.1). From the appearance of the salesmen, we can see that property agents usually wear suit, aka far more convincing than old woman with pajamas who selling Indomie in grocery stalls.

How to Invest, Not Speculate!

A few days ago, the Government of Cyprus announced that it would gradually sell their gold reserves worth 400 million Euros, as a part of the actions to rescue the country's economy. And whether it had correlations or not, a few moments later the price of gold on the New York Futures Market plunged to as low as of US$ 1,351 per oz. If calculated from the peak position of US$ 1,908 in August 2011, the gold price had fallen 29.2%. Well, if viewed from the perception that the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) will typically drop by 20 - 25% from the peak (when the bear period occurred), then it is the gold that experience its ‘bear period’.

A Must Read Guide for Newbie Investors

Today I received an email that sounds like this, ‘Dear Sir, I am a newbie investor. Frankly, I am scared to buy stock, I'm afraid of losses. Moreover, I read on the internet that stock investors will almost certainly suffer losses in their first year because lack of experience. Is there any way that I could immediately gain profit in stock without losing first?' Well, since this is probably a common question of new or potential investors in the stock market, then I made the article to answer it comprehensively.

Indofood Sukses Makmur

Indofood Sukses Makmur (INDF), as you know, is the largest food company in Indonesia, even among the largest in the world, with a variety of products ranging from cooking oil, margarine, flour, instant noodles, snacks, syrups, nutritious food, flavoring, milk, and sugar. Through its subsidiary, Salim Ivomas Pratama (SIMP), INDF is also the largest plantation company in the world in terms of land area that covers 483 thousand hectares. So yep, INDF is a giant. But I was quite surprised when reading the company's annual report, where I find out that INDF continues to expand to become larger. Lastly, INDF has been expanding to China by acquiring China Minzhong Food Corp., a vegetable processing company.

The Battle Begins! Jokowi vs Prabowo

One of the most important issues after Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially run for President, is about his running mate (for vice president). And after several delays, eventually announced that the mate is Jusuf Kalla or JK. Coincidentally, if we see JK’ good track record as a vice president of Republic of Indonesia during the period 2004 - 2009, JK is a figure that is desired by the stock market. As a result since last Friday and also continues to this day, JCI rise to 5,000's positions. The question is, of course, what's next?

Koperasi Cipaganti (Cipaganti Cooperative)

Lately in the media there are news that Koperasi Cipaganti Karya Graha Persada, or abbreviated as Koperasi Cipaganti (KC) only (literally meaning Cipaganti Cooperative, or Cipaganti Union), began having difficulties in paying monthly interest/yield to its investors, and of course these investors began to worried. Some peope think that a company listed on the Stock Exchange, namely Cipaganti Citra Graha (CPGT) is the same as KC, but it's not. Anyway, let's learn more about this case, is it just another fraud thing?

Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia

Since listed on the Stock Exchange on February 22, 2013 at the price of Rp295 per share, the stock of Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia or Spindo (ISSP), hadn’t gained a penny but directly dropped.. and continue to drop until it touches 131 as its lowest point on January 2014, before then rebounded and currently closed at 168. If you look at the business model of the company, which makes and sells steel pipes, ISSP is not ideal for a long-term investment as the company’s financial performance in the future can be easily affected by the fluctuations in raw material prices, the weakening of Indonesian currency (Rupiah), etc. However, if you look at the discounted price of the shares, the company’s conservative management, as well as the company's recent performance that is quite good, then ISSP is too good to be ignored. Okay, here’s my review.

A Lesson of Valuation: Non-Controlling Interest

Some time ago I received a question email from a friend, which he asks, 'Dear sir, in an article about Toba Bara Sejahtra (TOBA), you stated that the net profit of TOBA for First Quarter 2014 was US$ 7.7 million. But I see in the paper, the profit was US$ 12.8 million. Which is right?' I could say, both are right. How come? Well, here’s the explanation.