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How to Become Rich From Stock (Not) Overnight

Some time ago, I received an email that sounds like this, 'Dear Sir, I just started to invest in stocks. Do you have any opinion about how much the ideal amount of initial capital? Because, frankly, I am just a small investor with fund of about US$ 1,000. I have heard that serious investors typically invest in hundreds of thousands, even up to millions. Will I be able to compete with those big guys?'

Bukit Asam (PTBA)

On this day, July 25, 2014, several public companies has released their financial statements for the period of first half of 2014, either through the website of IDX or newspaper. Unfortunately most of them recorded a disappointing performance, if viewed from their negative growth of net income. However there is one company that shows good performance with 30% of net profit growth: PT Bukit Asam (PTBA). This coal company may represent the overall performance of coal mining sector which was begun to rise in 2014, after slowing down in the last two years. Prospects?

Prabowo vs Jokowi: The Battle Continues!

Frankly, I thought that after the presidential election on last July 9, then the game is over and we as investors can back to our job to analyze the stocks as usual, and no longer become a ‘political expert’. However, I was wrong. Although the quick count results show that Jokowi win the presidential election, but the camp of Prabowo, instead of giving up, they made several actions of resistance, that makes the political tension to be more heated after the date of July 9.

Chitose International

What was going through your mind when you hear the word ‘Chitose’? For me, I immediately thought about folding chair which can be found on the event of wedding, etc. And Chitose International (CINT) is indeed the most prominent manufacturer of folding chairs in Indonesia. However, today CINT not only makes folding chair, but also a variety of general furniture products to be sold to office buildings, residential, hotels, restaurants, schools, until hospitals. In the future, the company still has a number of business development plan, which will be funded by cash obtained from its IPO in last June 2014.

Cipaganti Citra Graha

After had difficulties in paying the interests and the principal capital belonged to their investors for a few months, the authorities of law enforcement finally intervened the ‘fraud case’ of Cipaganti Cooperative (Koperasi Cipaganti). The Police of West Java set the status of suspects to Andianto Setiabudi, Julia Sri Redjeki, and Yulinda Tjendrawati, all of them are primary caretakers of the cooperative. Because the three persons are also members of the board of PT Cipaganti Citra Graha (CPGT), in this case the president director, president commissioner, and commissioner, the case caused the stock of CPGT to fall to 54, down more than 70% compared to its IPO price of 190, before then rebounded to Rp75 per share as its current position.

How to Trade Stocks Like a Value Investor

In one of his annual letter in the 1960’s, Warren Buffett once said this, ‘Our business is to buy shares at a lowest possible price, so when we sell it later at a price that is not too high, we would still make a profit.' The example? In this case in the Indonesian stock market? Well,  I just found out a stock that is interesting because of its low valuation. The stock is Bank BTN (BBTN).