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Prabowo vs Jokowi: The Battle Continues!

Frankly, I thought that after the presidential election on last July 9, then the game is over and we as investors can back to our job to analyze the stocks as usual, and no longer become a ‘political expert’. However, I was wrong. Although the quick count results show that Jokowi win the presidential election, but the camp of Prabowo, instead of giving up, they made several actions of resistance, that makes the political tension to be more heated after the date of July 9.

Here are some political developments ahead of the announcement of the winner of the presidential election by the KPU, on 22 July.

  1. The quick count results show that Jokowi win the election with a margin of vote of about 4 - 5%. Several days later, the majority of real-counts also showed more or less similar results.
  2. Due to the above factors, the camp of Jokowi becomes relax and almost 'do nothing'. Jokowi even delivered personal message to all of his supporters to leave the attributes of ‘Salam Dua Jari’ (the political tagline of Jokowi for his presidential campaign), and returned to the concept of 'Indonesia Raya'. I see this as a form of confidence of Jokowi’s camp that they are already win.
  3. Some supporter parties of of Prabowo began to get nervous, and many of them stating ‘can switching to Jokowi at anytime'. One of them is Golkar, where the political elites of the party began to try to shift the position of Ical Bakrie as chairman, to then move to support Jokowi in the upcoming government.
  4. Prabowo’s inner circle responded the above issue by forming 'A Permanent Coalition'. Unfortunately, this political action appear to be less effective.
  5. Prabowo began to intervene the KPU through Bawaslu (Badan Pengawas Pemilu, the supervisor agency of the election). As a result, KPU agreed to conduct re-polling in Jakarta, although it was only in the 13 polling stations. The re-election conducted on Saturday, July 19th yesterday.
  6. But it turns out that in the thirteenth polling stations, Jokowi was still win. So Prabowo began demanding another re-polling in the about 5,000 polling stations.
  7. The most recent, today Prabowo publicly called on the KPU to delay the announcement of the winner of the presidential election, which was to take place on 22 July. Prabowo even demanded re-election. One of Prabowo’s supporter, Mahfud MD (a former head judge of Constitutional Court), also stated that if the KPU rejects recommendation from Prabowo's campaign team, then they can bring this issue to the Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi/MK). However, on another occasion, Mr. Mahfud also said that if KPU announce that Jokowi won the election, then he would just accept it (it looks like he is still confused).
Well, so what do you think?

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