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Outlook of Palm Oil: Between the Price of CPO and Biodiesel Project

After slightly dropped in May - June, in the last two months the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) continue to rise until closed at 5,199. If the uptrend continues, it is only a matter of time before the JCI would break a new high (the highest position of JCI is 5,251, which was reached in May 2013). In a bullish period like today, almost all of the stocks gained significantly. However, shares in the oil palm plantation sector declined about 10% (in average) in the last two months, while their financial performance in the second quarter of 2014 was fairly good with growing net income. What's wrong?

How to Build a Passion in Investing

In this Sunday, since my wife took our children to watch the ‘Agustusan’ (Indonesian term for a various of fun races in commemoration of independence day), while I myself is less interested to join any races, so I stayed at home, spending my time by reading any writings on the internet. In addition to reading everything about the world of financial especially about investing in the stock market, I also like football, culinary, and especially: History. If there is a test in which I should mention the names of Emperor of the Han Dynasty in China, then I would be able to answer it completely, ranging from Emperor Gaozu as the founder of the dynasty, until Emperor Xian as the last. From this, I got the idea to write this article, which hopefully can give you a little inspiration.

Multi Indocitra: Another Value Stock

Multi Indocitra (MICE) may not a well-known company both in the eyes of investors and the public in general, but this company is a manufacturer of one the most famous brand of baby needs in Indonesia: Pigeon, as well as cosmetics with the same brand. MICE also had had a side business by making energy-saving lamps with brand 'Hori', but it seems that the business was failed.

Dollar Cost Averaging: Trick of Buying in Installments!

If you are googling the word 'Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)' on the internet, the definitions of the word may vary. However, my definition of DCA is, ‘Continuously buying a particular stock, little by little, with the aim to own the shares as much as possible’. If you already own a sizable share, then what? Well, you can just hold the stock. The profit you seek is no longer in the form of rising price of your stock, but the annual dividends distributed by the company. When you own a particular stock in small amounts, then the dividend may be too little. But a large ownership of a company, of course, will produce large dividends.