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Best Stocks in Construction Sector

If you are including those who are not too affected by negative coverage by TvOne and MetroTV when the Republic of Indonesia was led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, then you would be able to see that over the last decade, or especially in the last five years (2009 – 2014), Indonesia has experienced significant progress in terms of infrastructure development. FYI, Indonesia is now one of the countries with the most number of airports in the world, including international airports, where most of the new airports were built in the last ten years. Today, tour and travelling is one of the most promising business in the country.

Conservative? What is That?

In this sunny Thursday morning, I casually take a look at the price of shares of the Bakrie Group. Andd.. Whoaaa.. Bumi Resources (BUMI) seems like getting closer to the bottom price of Rp50 per share! Because it is currently traded at Rp103 per share. Previously, several other Bakrie-related stocks like Darma Henwa (DEWA), Bakrie Sumatra Plantations (UNSP), Bakrie Telecom (BTEL), Bakrie & Brothers (Bakrie), until Bakrieland Development (ELTY), they all had already reached the ‘dead’ level of Rp50 per share. If we take a look back at the years of 2009 - 2010, the stocks of Bakrie Group were so dominating the trading volume on the Stock Exchange, where people are even more interested to see the movement of BUMI than Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) itself. So this condition of course begs a question: What the hell happen???

Analysis of IPO of Soechi Lines

PT Soechi Lines is a company that I myself only heard its name recently after the company hold an IPO. However, the IPO may be interesting because the company engaged in shipping, and we know that the stocks in the marine sector continues to move up in recent months, driven by positive sentiment arising from the plan and the vision of the Government of Indonesia, under President Jokowi, to make Indonesia as one of the 'axis of maritime' in the world. So the question of course, can we join the IPO?

United Tractors

If we talk about United Tractors (UNTR), then we are talking about the biggest companies in Indonesia in two fields at once, ie heavy equipmentss and coal mining contractor/services. UNTR is one of the ten largest stocks in term of market capitalization on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (fluctuate, sometimes UNTR out of the list if the stock price was down). UNTR also has a history of a very solid performance in the long run. When the coal industry began to flourish in Indonesia since the early 2000s, UNTR kept growing into the second largest contributor of revenue (after the auto business) of its parent company, Astra International (ASII). Yup, of ASII’ revenue of Rp150.6 trillion (about US$ 14 billion) until the third quarter of 2014, Rp40.8 trillion of which came from UNTR.

Value Investing: Questions & Answers

In my every training of value investing, I always give an opportunity to the participants to ask questions related to the material presented, either in the event or after the event (through email). Some questions required short answers, and some others require long answers. Here are some of them. Please check, you may have also had the same questions.