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Welcoming ‘January Effect’

In the world of capital markets, 'January Effect' is a situation where stock prices increased significantly in the month of January. There are several things that could explain this phenomenon, like because the investor is usually fresher and more eager to buy stocks after a long holiday (Christmas and New Year), the beginning of a year is almost always fulfilled with optimism, and because companies usually pay dividends in the first half, precisely in April – June, so investors will have taken a position in the stock in question in advance, starting in January.

Buy on Weakness, Sell on Strength? Really?

If you often travel throughout Indonesia by plane, you must be familiar with the famous Lion Air.. but ain’t famous in a positive sense, but famous as an airline that sucks, where its flight schedule are often delayed. Because of its bad reputation, when several years ago I began to travel frequently by plane, I deliberately avoid Lion Air and prefer other airlines like Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Citilink, and Sriwijaya Air. And indeed, I have never been in trouble with those airlines, especially with Garuda which always provided excellent services (though its tickets also not cheap).

New Engine of Economic Growth: Internet!

When studying the data of economic growth for the third quarter of 2015, I was confused by the fact that the level of national consumption still grew 4.96%, or above the overall economic growth of 4.73%, whereas the prices of goods clearly soaring, and it should lower the purchasing power of people. But as far as I could observe, almost everybody is still happy, and even the workers still dare to protest to demand higher wages. The question is, how can it be?

Kalbe Farma

Most people assume that the pharmaceutical industry, just like other consumer industries, is resistant to the risk of economic slowdown, so companies in this industry should have a consistent financial performance from year to year, thus the stocks are also good for long-term investment. Because, logically, if you get sick, you inevitably have to drink/consume a particular drug, right? Even though the price of the drug is probably expensive.

Yuan = World Currency, Next?

Last night, the general meeting of executive directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided that the chinese currency, Yuan (also called Renminbi), to be included as one of the world reserve currency, effective from October 1, 2016. In the new calculation of special drawing rights (SDR), Yuan weighs 10.9%, or greater than the weights of Britain Pound Sterling or Japanese Yen, but still much lower than the weights of US Dollar and Euro. You can read the explanation of SDR in this article.

The Strongest Leader Ever!

The term 'koppig' comes from Dutch language which means stubborn. It was first pinned by Sukarno, Indonesia's first president, to Ali Sadikin, the then Governor of Jakarta, for his tough stance in building the Capital. Ali was a controversial figure who built infrastructure in Jakarta using the money generated from gambling business, but he never step back though his leadership is opposed by many people. Even at that time, Ali often slap his incompetent subordinates using his own hands, and all of the City officials were afraid of him.