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The Prospect of Property Stocks

The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) rose 1.4% to 5,910 on its first trading day after the Ied holiday, thus it has risen 11.6% for year to date, or quite significant, and this is in line with our analysis at the beginning of the year (you can read again the article here). But as in previous years, there are always stocks in certain sectors that missed the train (read: also rising, but not as high as JCI), or even dropped.

Have You Evaluated Yourself?

Li Ka-shing, a business magnate from Hongkong who once became the richest person in Asia, had an accident in 1996 when his oldest son, Victor Li, was abducted by a gangster named Cheung Tze-keung, and the gangster demanded a ransom at HK$2 million. Instead of calling the police, Mr. Li granted the kidnapper’s wish by giving the ransom demanded.

I Missed the Train! What Should I Do?

In the mid of September, 2016, one of the most popular blue chips known by the investors, which was Jasa Marga (JSMR), suddenly fell rapidly to 4,500’s, the position was its lowest in the recent year, whereas its fundamental did not have any problem at all (On the semester I of 2016, the income of JSMR grew 44%). And then the reason JSMR could fall rapidly that of the right issue. Then the question, was it a valuable opportunity? And if the answer was yes, then at what price we could buy JSMR?

The Outlook of Coal Stocks: Update

Two months ago, more precisely in the first week of October, I noticed the price of coal, in this case the benchmark coal price of Newcastle Australia, which previously was falling down to US$ 53 each ton in the beginning of 2016, it began to rerise to US$ 72. After I had considered some analytical reasons, I inferred the rise might continue in the long term, and as a result I chose one among the coal stocks that according to me was a great stock, it was Harum Energy (HRUM), its price was 1,050 (you may reread the analysis here).

The Importance of Screening the Information

On November 4, 2016, as we knew, there was a massive demonstration in Jakarta involving hundreds of thousands of people who demanded the inactive Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok, to be processed for suspected religion blasphemy. And as usual, when there is a national incident then the social media with internet forums are full of opinions and comments from the sudden analysts, and Facebook instantaneously becomes full of pro – contra debates whether Ahok is guilty or not.

KMI Wire & Cable

It is late October, and it is the time for investors to reevaluate financial performances of the companies and to seek ‘the hidden pearl’ or stocks which have good fundamental but get poor valuations. Nah, in this article we discuss one of the ‘precious stocks’, which I have already discovered some moments ago, and luckily its fundamental performance is still great.

IDX to Remove the Lower Limit of 10%?

This week there are many announcements saying the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will set up the trading rule of symmetrical auto rejection (AR), from the current asymmetric. The announcements spread as The Director of Transaction Monitoring and Obedience, Hamdi Hassyarbaini, said to the reporters on August 30th that since the Indonesian stock market has become stable as Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) rose significantly, it does not need to apply the asymmetric AR rule anymore. Now, you might be wondering, what is symmetrical AR? What is asymmetric AR?

Understanding ‘Market Hype’, and Its Effect on JCI

In mid of July 2016, the world was overwhelmed by the Pokemon GO release, it became a hit instantaneously as the game was different with its usual release since the player would play it on the screen all-day, Pokemon GO let their players to play outside and walk anywhere. Because of its great fame, people who never knew the Pokemon video game (Pokemon as a game had been released since late 1990’s, Pokemon GO was its latest version), downloaded the game out of curiosity, and played it on their phones. Eventually, in less than a month after the release, Pokemon GO has been played by 45 million people worldwide.