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Me in one of my class, 2013
With Lo Kheng Hong, 2013, one of the most rich & prominent stock investor in Indonesia

About Me: The name is Teguh Hidayat. I was born in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia, in 1986. My latest education is bachelor degree from Padjadjaran University, Statistics major. I started my career in the Indonesian Stock Market in the beginning of 2009, by becoming an equity analyst for, an independent stock market research website run by Mr. Yosef Ardi, a prominent name in the business of Indonesian Stock Market news and analysis. In 2011, I decided to leave the company to be focus on my private investment activities, and to develop my own website, The blog you are reading now is its english version.

Today, my activities in addition to investing are: 1. Writing and working on stock analysis, especially from the fundamental perspective, 2. Becoming speaker in various stock market education seminar in Jakarta and other cities, 3. Organizing partnerships. In doing my investment, I always focus on long-term investment with long-term goals. I don’t have any activities outside the field of Indonesian capital market. I live in Jakarta.

Since 2012, me and some of my friends formed a small private fund (we simply call it Teguh Hidayat & Partners) to invest in public companies in Indonesia, by buying the shares in the market. We have a vision that one day this fund will grow into a large holding such as Northstar Equity Partners, or maybe Berkshire Hathaway.

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