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The author (Teguh Hidayat) when giving a speech as a representative of the Jury in the event of Bisnis Indonesia Award 2015, at the JW Marriott Hotel, June 16, 2015, Jakarta

Screenshot of my column in Forbes Indonesia Magazine

Dear Investors,

My name is Teguh Hidayat. I’m a professional investor from Indonesia, which specialized in Indonesian Equities. I work independently, aka working on my own investment through PT Avere Mitra Investama, a limited liability company that incorporated here in Indonesia. Me and my team has develop a website, this website, which publish our thoughts about investing in Indonesia, and about investing itself.

Our approach is value investing which focus on attempt to acquire high quality assets at a lowest possible price, or at least reasonable. We have done good since 2009, but we are sought to achieve more. And that’s why we are offering you this service.

So, here is our idea: Indonesia is a delightful place to invest. Indonesia is one of the so-called ‘emerging market’, aka a country that has some characteristics of a developed market but is not yet developed. You may heard about the BRIC, which is consists of Brazil, Russia, India, and China as the largest emerging markets, but some people believe that the letter of ‘I’ will soon replaced by ‘Indonesia’. We are including those people.

If you or your firm are interested to place your investment here, then we’re here to help, either in form of decision making or providing detail information. We might need to emphasize the word ‘detail’ here, as you may heard or read about our country in Bloomberg, Reuters, and so on, but believe us, we know far better because we’re in it. We can provide you any information you need to make an investment decision, starting from the data of Indonesian macroeconomics, analysis of industry, analysis of financial and operational performance of particular companies, analysis of key person of companies, and so on. We also always have new investment ideas that you might be interested.

Any inquiries, please send an email to, or