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Adira Dinamika Multifinance

Warren Buffett once said that, when calculating the value of a company, do not only look at the company’s tangiable assets like plants, inventories, receivables etc, but also look at intangiable assets such as reputation, power of brands, and company’s competitive advantages. In short, if there are two companies with the exact same book value, but company A have a better reputation and its products also more well-known to the public than company B, then Buffett would pick company A, even if the price is higher.

Bank BTPN Syariah (BTPS)

Since long time ago, if we wanted to buy stocks for long-term investment on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, there were only two sectors to choose from: Consumer goods and banking. However, for those of you who are sharia account holders, you cannot buy banking stocks, so the choice is limited to consumers. Other options are Islamic banking stocks, but the earnings power of Islamic banks is generally not as good as conventional bank’s. Luckily, for BTPN Syariah (BTPS), based on its performance as of third quarter of 2018 which is fairly good, we may consider the stock for investment. Okay, here we go.

Surya Toto Indonesia

The stock of PT Surya Toto Indonesia, Tbk (TOTO) is probably not popular in the stock market because of its illiquidity, but the corporate name is very well-known as a producer of sanitary wares such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and the like, while the brand of 'Toto' itself is already a quality assurement for toilet wares. Companies with strong power of brands such as TOTO are usually ideal for long-term investments. So when the stock instead fell continuously from 700s until 300s in the last three years, I wonder what's wrong?

Sido Muncul

Some time ago I heard a picturesque story. On 15 October 2017, in Bantul city, Yogyakarta, there was a wedding with unusual dowry, which is not gold or alike, but stocks, ie 50,000 shares of Sido Muncul (SIDO) at a price of Rp555 per share (so the total is Rp27,700,000, or about US$ 1,910). This is interesting, because the groom was a stock market investor that started to know stocks since 2013, so he really meant it when he delivered the stocks as the dowry. The question is why SIDO that is choosen as the dowry, and not the other stocks?

Bumi Citra Permai

The name of Bumi Citra Permai (BCIP) most probably doesn’t ring a bell, but the company just released its first half financial statements, which at a glance shows impressive results. The net profit increased more than twice, the annualized ROE 25.5%, and the PBV was just 0.5 times at the price of Rp125 per share. Is it a jackpot opportunity?

Invisible Correction of the Stock Market

Until Tuesday, 12 September 2017, foreign or international investors kept selling their stocks in Indonesia stock market so much, that their net buys position from the beginning of the year, which almost reached Rp20 trillion in the last April, today it has been minus aka turned net sells, precisely at minus Rp7 trillion. I also received many questions, why foreign investors keep selling? However, the most important thing here is not the reason why they’re getting out, but what are the effects of these conditions to the market. And what is the best investment strategy to counter these issues?

When You Realized That You Bought Wrong Stocks

In last week article about Warren Buffett, I expressed at least three reasons why I, personally, make him as a role model. They are: 1. I don’t have enough time to read more about any other great investors, 2. Not only teaching about stock investing, Buffett also teaches how to be ‘a good man’, for example he does not take advantage from the loss of others. 3. Buffett is one of few investors who is always happy and relaxed in doing his job at Berkshire, and that makes him a pleasant person.

Indika Energy

Just a few days past in May, but the game difficulty has already switched from ‘easy’ to ‘hard’. Yup, currently there are many stocks, especially in the second liner group, which dropped significantly despite the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) are not moving anywhere. But some stocks, let’s say Indika Energy (INDY), it goes up, and in this case the hike can be explained fundamentally, and that’s why we will discuss INDY here. Okay, here we go.